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Delivering Value with a Culture of Caring at Benefit Link

Episode Summary

In a confusing industry where so many of us feel overwhelmed by too many choices, Benefit Link simplifies options and empowers employees to make data-driven decisions, so that they can create a "health plan, not a health guess." But the value of a culture of caring goes even further. Clients are often pleasantly surprised at how this simplicity, transparency and empowerment can help cultivate a culture of caring that leads to happier employees, delivers value for the company and has positive ripple effects throughout the community. Tune in to this episode to hear how "A culture of caring delivers!" Robin's first job was a papergirl at age 11, where she learned the power of the extra effort when she would deliver the paper to the front door rather than leaving it at the end of the driveway like her predecessors. This extra effort made her customers very happy because she made their lives easier. She runs Benefit Link that same way, by giving clients an extra effort that makes their lives easier. Benefit Link leverages a proprietary solution to empower small businesses and their employees to take the guesswork out of selecting health plans and make data-driven health plan choices.

Episode Notes

[1:00] First entrepreneurial experience as a paper girl

[2:45] Detour into accounting before returning to entrepreneurship

[7:00] "The road on the extra mile is never crowded"

[9:45] Unique Offerings for "Price Buyers" (vs. Strategy Buyers)

[12:15] Using data to simplify options and make data-driven choices: "A health plan, not a health guess."

[15:00] Budding disruptions in the health care industry: "the status quo recognizes that they have to lead the innovation and disruption...or they will be disrupted!"

[20:00] Conscious Capitalism in the healthcare industry

See the announcement from the Business Roundtable on their commitment to stakeholder-driven Conscious Capitalism here:

See Barry Schwartz's TED talk on the "Paradox of Choice" here:

[27:00] Engaging and empowering employees to make health plan choices

[29:45] The power of purpose to impact the bottom line: "A culture of caring delivers"

[32:00] Downstream impacts of Conscious Capitalism: "Once they are conscious of the good that restructures within their company could make not only to their company but to the good of the community...first to their employees, which will then flow to the company. Then as those employees are happier and more engaged, they will be better neighbors, husbands and wives, parents, sons and creates a wonderful ripple effect."

{35:00] Robin's EVOLution as a Conscious Leader: "Leader is an action...I don't believe it's a title...I've done a lot of things to put myself in the position to be able to act and grow."

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