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Building Culture Virtually

Episode Summary

COVID has shifted many businesses toward online meetings, remote work and virtual teams. While some companies go back to the office, others plan to stay virtual for the foreseeable future and some are pursuing hybrid arrangements. For leaders that prioritize a "conscious" culture, what will it look like to keep employees engaged in a virtual environment? Join our discussion with Kim Allen of Dixon Schwabl, a "Best Workplace in New York" and Sean Flaherty of ITX Corp., a Rochester "Top Workplace" about their transitions to remote work, lessons learned and the path forward. Also joining us is Brian Bihl of Paylocity, another "Top Workplace" that has always operated virtually and will share best practices for leading virtual teams.

Episode Notes

Recorded August 27th by the Rochester, NY chapter of the global Conscious Capitalism movement working to "elevate humanity through business."

Conscious Capitalism is based on four key tenets:

-Higher Purpose (beyond profit)
-Stakeholder Orientation (balancing the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, investors, society and the environment, rather than prioritizing stockholders)
-Conscious Leadership (servant leaders that focus on we rather than me, keeping the organization focused on living its purpose)
-Conscious Culture (fosters love and care and focuses on the holistic wellbeing of employees)

Our mission is to be students and teachers practicing Conscious Capitalism with the belief that these principles empower and advance human flourishing.

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