For the EVOLution of Business

Five Generations and 100 Years of Delivering on Promises at Doyle Security

Episode Summary

In 1919, John A. Doyle started Doyle Security as a private investigator service. In the 100 years since, the "mission has never changed, just the way we deliver it has evolved" says John G. Doyle Jr., who proudly serves as the fourth generation President and CEO. Today, Doyle Security Systems is honored to protect more than 35,000 families and businesses and they take pride in their commitment to the communities they serve. Jack Doyle represents the fifth generation and pursued diverse experiences in sales and entrepreneurship before joining the family business in 2015. Tune in to this episode for 100 years of wisdom on: -Family business succession -Aligning your business practices with your values -Taking action on feedback from culture surveys

Episode Notes

[2:00] The founding of Doyle Security in 1919 as a Private Investigator
[4:30] Adapting to uniformed security, electronic alarms and other lines of business
"Our mission has never changed. Just the way we deliver it has evolved over time with changing needs."
[7:00] John's early entrepreneurial ventures and joining the family business
[10:30] Setting groundrules for leadership succession in the family business
[13:15] Jack's outside experience before joining the business
[17:00] Other family members joining the business
[19:00] Building the "Promise and Deliver" brand and culture at Doyle
John: "This has been passed down through generations. It's been articulated in different ways, but being driven by values is first and foremost. That drives business. It results in better business outcomes and more satisfying personal outcomes."
[20:00] How articulating the values raises the stakes and how to live them more effectively: hiring, onboarding, identifying values-aligned behaviors, survey feedback and reinforcement
[24:15] Making the most of survey feedback
[26:30] Cultural due diligence in acquisitions
[30:30] Family business as a model for taking a long-term perspective in capitalism
[35:30] Barriers to a "conscious," long-term mindset
Jack: "More and more consumers are looking for companies that share their values, that they feel like they can trust. It's becoming easier to spot the ones that do and spot the ones that don't, so I see it as becoming increasingly important."
[38:00] Advice for getting started EVOLving your culture toward Conscious Capitalism - Write down your values, reflecting and recognizing your impact as a leader
[41:45] Advice for family business succession
Jack: "You need to find a way to come in, work harder and try to set the right example. People are going to be looking at you as a family member tentatively and wondering 'what is this going to mean for me?' So you have to be cautious, prepared to work hard and also have the humility to not overstep if you're coming in at a more entry-level role and take the time to learn and collect feedback."
-Setting up a "neutral buffer" for reporting relationships
-You can't start too early
-Communicate often with transparency
-Investing in an experienced family succession consultant
-Having the confidence to be your own person
[49:30] The 5, 10 and 100 years for Doyle
Jack: "I expect, just like these previous 100 years, that 100 years down the road if we're still lucky enough to be around, that we're still going to be oriented to protecting and serving the community in this capacity."