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Start Your Journey By Measuring Your Impact with Jared Meyers

Episode Summary

Named one of Conscious Company Magazine's 22 Conscious Leaders of 2019, Jared Meyers has worked and owned companies in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years. While he always intended to lead respectable businesses, it wasn't until he discovered B Lab and its measurement tools for impact that he realized the potential for business as a force for good in society. After his company became the first certified B corp in Florida in the Real Estate Development industry, he set out to help grow the movement by building partnerships with B corps, the Conscious Capitalism Florida Chapter and other aligned movements to create Florida For Good, an initiative of free resources and measurement tools to create a "B Economy" of businesses striving to create shared and durable prosperity for all. Jared believes that business has the capabilities and thus the responsibility to help solve many of humanity’s problems, but reassures business leaders not to be intimidated: starting the journey is as simple as measuring your impact, and it won't cost you a thing!

Episode Notes

[0:55] Experience with family businesses in the hospitality industry
[2:45] Discovering B Lab and trying to build the movement in Florida
-Becoming the first certified Real Estate Development B corp in Florida
-Recently certificatied as the first multi-state resort hospitality B corp
[5:40] Using the B Impact assessment as an educational tool, even if you don't plan to certify
-Paying living wages, offset carbon footprint of travel, measurement programs for recycling (including re-use for hotel toiletries)
[10:55] Educating guests to vote with their dollars in a way that aligns to their values
"Our motivations are towards impact first...the assessment just tracks that."
[13:15] Building a movement with "Florida for Good" that brings together Conscious Capitalism, B corps, 1% for the Planet and the American Sustainable Business Council
[16:15] Building partnerships with other aligned movements
[18:15] Barriers to adoption of Conscious Capitalism
[19:30] Why to resist "outsourcing" conscious purpose
[22:00] Jared's personal evolution as a conscious leader
-Reading "The Power of Now," "Awakening the Buddha Within," "Tao Te Ching"
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