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Embodying the Guts and Grace of a Conscious Leader with LeeAnn Mallorie

Episode Summary

LeeAnn Mallorie believes that lasting change starts in a leader’s physical body, and has ripple effects in the communities and organizations they serve. She is a dynamic facilitator of movement, conversation & culture change. Her forthcoming book, Guts and Grace: A Woman's Guide to Full-Bodied Leadership is the culmination of 12 years of work evolving more "conscious" leadership by coaching them to become more mindful of their presence, emotional intelligence LeeAnn is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program. Her professional training includes a Somatic Coaching Certification through the Strozzi Institute and an Ego Coaching certification through past employer Learning as Leadership. LeeAnn is also a Certified Nia Technique & Dancing Freedom conscious movement instructor. The 100+ clients and 25+ organizations impacted by her work include Nasa, Capital One, Lexis Nexis, M&T Bank, Mattel, Bastille Agency, CGR, Artech Inc Taiwan, the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, and the US Naval Air Systems Command.

Episode Notes

[1:15] The rising awareness of your body's impact on your leadership
[3:30] Differences between embodying leadership for males and females
[6:00] LeeAnn's personal journey toward embodiment
[8:00] Raj Sisodia and Nilima Bhat's "Shakti Leadership" Book and Retreats
[8:45] How connecting with ourselves helps us lead more consciously
[12:00] The intersection between emotional intelligence and embodiment
[15:30] Positive Psychology - Bringing together the body and mind plus rigorous measurement
[19:15] Get started with an embodied practice
[24:00] The difficulty of "translating" experiential, embodied practices into a book