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Jobs That Restore Lives and Make Hope Possible with Dale Sedgwick of Hope Initiatives

Episode Summary

Hope Initiatives exists "to help restore lives damaged by incarceration, addictions, and poverty, through employment, job skill training, spiritual guidance, encouragement and hope." Tune in to this episode to hear about how they integrate business and mission both in the customers that they serve and by the team members they hire, train and support towards sustainable employment. Dale is an accomplished executive with 20+ years of experience in building high-performing sales and marketing organizations, defining and executing strategy, and forging key relationships to drive growth and competitive positioning across multiple industries and verticals. After retiring from Xerox Corporation Ms. Sedgwick assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of Hope Initiatives CDC Inc.

Episode Notes

[2:00] Shifting from a career in the for profit sector to the nonprofit sector

[3:30] The founding of Hope Initiatives in 2002

[5:00] Multiple lines of business at Hope Initiatives: furniture and household goods, moving and storage

[7:00] "Hiring from the population that we serve"

[8:40] Providing support beyond a job - life coaches for job readiness and retention skills

[14:00] Hiring and assessing readiness - "we're quite unique in that we will take individuals with a variety of backgrounds. We don't rule them out because of felony convictions. We'll take them and try to find that thing that makes their eyes the hopes of getting them used to the idea of working and in the habit of working and excited about doing something that they'll enjoy.

[16:30] The changing sentiments toward employing formerly incarcerated "returning citizens" and the challenges of the benefits cliff

[19:30] "Seamless integration of business and mission"

[24:15] Measuring success - skill building, referability for new jobs

[26:30] Success stories

[28:40] Barriers to stakeholder capitalism and the challenges of Dale's transition to nonprofit leadership

[31:30] Advice for blending servant leadership and strategic leadership

[34:30] Building a partnership network and opportunities for community support 
(monetary contributions or donations of equipment and expertise)

[37:30] Opportunities for growth of the business and its impact

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