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Building (and Living!) a Purposeful Brand with Michelle Roberts of Novus

Episode Summary

Can you clearly articulate WHY your company exists? One of the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism is a Higher Purpose. Knowing your purpose can act as a compass to guide your decisions and keep you focused. Yet discovering and articulating that purpose can be tough...and learning to live it is even more difficult! Michelle Roberts created Novus to help businesses discover, articulate, share and more fully live their purpose. "It's an ongoing's about being aware and intentional." In 2013, Michelle launched Novus – Be Known, Inc. where she works as a brand expert and contract chief marketing officer to small and medium size companies. Building on a successful and award winning design career which spanned product design development to art directing for various companies. Michelle focuses on getting her clients the results they want and acts as a trusted advisor to grow the company. Due to her efforts her clients have seen various results from 50% boost in team morale, 30% increase in brand awareness and over 200% increase in web leads. Her mission is to help companies create meaningful brands by igniting purpose from the inside out and partnering with them use their success as a force for good in the world. She resides in East Irondequoit with her husband Josh and dog Stella and she enjoys swimming, drawing, painting, and spending time with her family in the Adirondacks.

Episode Notes

[1:30] How a lifelong fascination with "Why" led to an interest in branding
[4:30] Creating and branding "Novus"
"I rebranded myself as a person, and through my company I was able to live those values. It's an ongoing process. It's never that I'm always living my brand or always living my's being aware and intentional. That's at the core of what I do."
[6:00] Why "needing a new website" might really require a deeper look at your purpose and who you are
[8:15] Aligning stated values with internally-facing culture and externally-facing brand
[9:45] The Novus process of discovering, living and sharing your brand
[12:45] Balancing the aspirations for the brand with the current reality
[15:00] Engaging employees to take ownership and get creative about more fully living the brand
[17:30] Keeping your brand fresh on an ongoing basis
[20:30] How to help clients measure the impact of living their brand
[22:15] How to apply your brand to your business functions: Customer experience, processes, recruiting, etc.
[24:20] Walking the talk - The Novus brand experience
[26:00] Success Story: Healthy Baby Network
[28:15] Success Story: A manufacturing company
[30:00] How an awareness of legacy and purpose can break down the barriers to adopting Conscious Capitalism
[32:00] The EVOLution of the Novus branding process
[33:30] Applying Simon Sinek's "Start With Why" process
[36:20] Pitfalls to branding your company with purpose
[40:30] The future for Michelle and Novus

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