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Tell Your Story to Build Your Movement with Emily Hessney Lynch

Episode Summary

What's the best way to engage with your online community to build your movement? How can you tell your brand story in an authentic way without green-washing or purpose-washing? Is it worth the risk for your company to take a stand on social issues? Tune in to this episode with Emily Hessney Lynch of Serve Me The Sky and I Heart ROC! Emily is the owner and founder of Serve Me the Sky Digital, a social media consulting company. In her spare time, Emily is the Director of I Heart ROC, a local website that tells the stories of fascinating Rochesterians. She is also on the Board of Cameron Community Ministries. Emily holds a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree from the University of Rochester. She’s a voracious reader and the proud parent of two rescue dogs.

Episode Notes

[1:15] Emily's transition from an interest to a career in social media

[2:45] Figuring out how to share an authentic voice

[4:15] Showing different sides of yourself on different platforms

[5:30] From freelancing side gigs to a full time job

[7:00] Social media strategy, social media management and content writing to help brands tell an authentic and consistent story and create a sense of community

[11:50] Emerging trends in social media platforms

[13:20] Working with social media "influencers" in an authentic way

[15:00] Check out I Heart ROC's weekly interviews with local Rochesterians on instagram at @i.heart.roc and at

[18:30] Taking a stand without "green-washing" or "purpose-washing"

[24:00] Creating a consistent message inside your company
Learn more about platform cooperatives at

[29:30] Engaging with your community and prioritizing your efforts

[31:50] More than just followers...measuring engagement in a meaningful way

[33:30] Joining the board at Cameron Community Ministries
Learn more at

[40:00] Shifting the narrative to tell a more positive story of Rochester

[41:30] Looking to the future for Serve Me The Sky

[42:30] Balancing purpose and profit, making time for self care as an entrepreneur

Find Emily on Twitter @servemethesky, Instagram @servemethesky or at