For the EVOLution of Business

Evolving Philanthropy for Collective Impact with Barbara Pierce of The United Way

Episode Summary

Tis the season for giving! Yet if we are to tackle the complex challenges stemming from poverty, the ways that we give must adapt and evolve. The United Way is leading that evolution by positioning itself as a "Hub For Good" to convene organizations across sectors for collective impact, catalyze conversations around structural racism and engage business leaders as well as their workforce through leadership development and philanthropic giving. Tune in to this episode with their new Chief Development Officer Barbara Pierce to hear about evolving the future of philanthropy for systemic change and collective impact! Barbara Pierce is the Chief Development Officer at the United Way. She previously worked in marketing, public relations and communication as President of Tipping Point Communication, Strategic Communications Director at Kodak and Managing Partner of Public Relations at Dixon Schwabl Advertising.

Episode Notes

[0:45] The beginning of Barbara's passion for marketing and communications

[2:00] "Gathering experiences" throughout her career, the latest of which is the United Way

[4:00] Helping business leaders follow their passions for making positive change

[7:00] Rochester as a "Tale of Two Cities" - Many strengths, yet challenges with poverty and education - "United Way as a Hub For Good"

[11:00] Bridging city and suburbs - understanding underlying structural racism and other barriers
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[14:30] Making a difference by going deep or going broad

[17:30] Engaging your workforce with giving

[21:00] Collective impact - "a commitment of many from across different sectors to one common agenda to solve a specific problem"

[24:20] Creating opportunities for collaboration across organizations and sectors

[27:30] The evolution of the United Way

[31:30] Not waiting to give back

[35:00] Having humility to listen and have an open mind

[39:30] Defining success personally, professionally and for the community

[41:20] Balancing short-term "band-aid" needs with longer-term systemic change

[45:00] Asking for specific kinds of help
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