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Integrating Community Impact with Inclusive Culture "For All" at the YMCA

Episode Summary

Not only does the YMCA build bridges across divides of geography, race and class in our community, but they're also leading by example to create an inclusive culture inside their own organization. Being "for all" is baked into their mission and into everything they do at the YMCA and there is also a business case for being intentional about diversity and inclusion. Tune in to this episode to hear James' inspiring personal story that led him to pay it forward at the YMCA, plus join Conscious Capitalism ROC for our 2/18 tour to see why being inclusive "for all" is the secret to why it's "fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!" James earned a Bachelor’s degree in Development and Child Psychology from SUNY Brockport before joining the YMCA first as an intern, then as a Program Director, Center Director, Executive Director, and Urban District Executive, before taking on his current role as Director of Development and Community Engagement at the YMCA of Greater Rochester. He is also a 2015 honoree of the Rochester Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, recognizing his professional accomplishments as well as his leadership in the community. Although he's constantly on the go, he always makes family a number one priority. His wife and three children can often be seen at YMCA events, not only exuberantly cheering on James and his staff, but often participating and volunteering by his side.

Episode Notes

[1:30] James' passion for psychology based on his childhood experiences

[4:00] Early mentors: a bus driver, a step-father

[8:30] Paying forward the gifts he was given

[11:30] Becoming a part of the YMCA and "drinking the kool-aid"

[16:00] The "For All" mission and mindset at the YMCA

[21:45] Building partnerships across divides of geography and race toward Inclusive Prosperity in Rochester

[26:00] How the YMCA is leading by example with their commitment to the work of diversity, inclusion and equity

[30:00] Bringing in community stakeholders on the YMCA's culture and inclusion committees to bring new perspectives and  identify opportunities 

[36:00] The business case for being intentional about diversity and inclusion

[42:00] Join Conscious Capitalism ROC on 2/18/2020 to learn more and see it first-hand!

[44:30] Advice to others on the journey toward Conscious Leadership

Learn more about how the Rochester YMCA is more than "just a gym" here: