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Aligning Your Investments with Your Values with Zach Armstrong on Socially Responsible Investing

Episode Summary

"One day we'll be talking about how 'socially responsible investing' has just become 'investing.'" Zach Armstrong was an early adopter of a more socially conscious investment approach, but his vision for it to go mainstream might not be as far away as you think! In 2018, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink wrote a letter to shareholders not only asserting that “profits are in no way inconsistent with purpose,” but also acknowledging that “purpose is not the sole pursuit of profits but the animating force for achieving them.” He also said that his company, Blackrock, the world's largest money manager with more than $6 trillion of assets under management, would start to hold companies accountable for having a purpose. So how can YOU align your investments with your values? Tune in to this episode to learn from Zach! Zach is a Certified Financial Planner ® and Financial Advisor at Sage Rutty. He works in a fiduciary capacity with his clients focusing on numerous financial planning issues. These include making customized investment recommendations, assisting with insurance and estate planning, discussing tax planning solutions, and putting a plan in place for college savings. Zach dedicates much of his time to providing personalized retirement planning solutions for his clients. Overall, he aims to deliver solutions for all client financial needs. Importantly, Zach specializes in socially responsible investing to make sure his clients don’t have to sacrifice their beliefs and values to accomplish their financial goals.

Episode Notes

[1:45] The culture at Sage Rutty: employee first and community focused
[3:20] Accessibility of leaders, town hall meetings, ongoing communication
[4:45] Zach's career path to financial planning
[6:45] Defining "Socially Responsible Investing" - You shouldn't have to sacrifice your values
[8:45] Organic growth with more clients looking for SRI
[10:00] The evolution of SRI - from exclusionary to inclusionary
[12:30] Differences between impact investing, green bonds and SRI
[16:30] The process of deciding which issues are most important for you and your portfolio
[20:20] SRI across generations and top causes of interest
[24:30] How does SRI impact your investment performance? The latest research...
[29:15] How to determine whether measurements are legitimate
[33:00] SRI applying pressure for increasing voluntary reporting
[37:00] How increasing transparency impacts Conscious Capitalism and SRI
[38:00] Challenges of SRI metrics in developing countries and emerging markets
[42:00] SRI starting to go mainstream
Larry Fink's Letter to Shareholders:
[44:30] The future of SRI

"One day we'll be sitting down across the table and we'll be talking about how socially responsible investing has just become investing."

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