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5 Generations and 140 Years of "White Hot" Growth at Zweigle's with Julie Camardo

Episode Summary

Each of the first four generations of family leadership at Zweigle's embodied a value that became part of their corporate culture: quality, accountability, integrity and caring. CEO Julie Camardo has yet to officially add a value to represent the fifth generation of her leadership, but there's no doubt that she's leaving her mark on the family business through multiple expansions and a focus on building culture. Tune in to this episode to learn what it means to have the courage to stand out as a white hot in a world of red hots and why Zweigle's is "still poppin'" after 140 years. Julie serves as the 5th Generation owner and CEO of Zweigle’s Inc. In 2002, Julie moved back to Rochester from Maryland to work for Zweigle’s. She started in the office environment and then transitioned to sales while both her grandfather and mother were still at Zweigle’s. In 2005, Julie was named Vice President of Zweigle’s. She took over as President of Zweigle’s in 2009 after her mother passed away. In 2015, she was named CEO by the Board of Directors. Under Julie, Zweigle’s expanded two times and has grown in product diversification, sales and employees. The company is guided by four core values of quality, caring, accountability and integrity, each representative of one of the prior generations. Julie is committed to the community where she lives. She sits is on the Board of Directors for MCC Foundation, ESL, Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Holy Childhood and Special Touch Bakery (many of which have been on the podcast!). She is a strong supporter of United Way, Golisano Children’s Hospital, Susan B. Anthony House, and The Strong. She is also a current member of the Vistage organization. Julie has three children two daughters and a son. She supports her children in their education, sports and artistic activities. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends outside of work. Her favorite hot dog is a white hot dog and her favorite sausage is the Zweigle’s Italian sausage.

Episode Notes

[2:00] Founding of Zweigle's by Wilhelm and Josephine

[3:15] Julie's experience growing up in the business

[6:00] Getting experience in Maryland, then deciding to come back to join the family business

[10:45] Taking a leadership role

[13:30] The Zweigle's values representing each of the first 4 generations - Quality, Accountability, Integrity, Caring

[16:30] Living and celebrating the core values

[18:45] Celebrating 140 Years with a Zweigle's Hall of Fame

[25:00] Getting engaged in community service
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[30:00] Product innovation

[34:00] What is a white hot? How does it set Zweigle's (and Rochester) apart?

[37:00] Julie's evolution as a leader

[40:45] Looking ahead to future growth at Zweigle's
"Having the right people is just as important as having the right vision of where we want to go and where we want to grow."

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